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You will come to us in a house with a long history. The heart of the “Golden Star” began on January 5, 1872. On this day Jakob Dubler, Fritzen, the President of the community and community Lüscherz, for 150 francs a year the patent for a “Pintenwirtschaft III. Classe “issued. This was combined with the permission to serve drinks and cold foods such as bread, sausage and cheese. In the same year Dubler married Elisabeth Spätig, the daughter of the innkeeper “Zu den drei Fischen”. In 1895, the house was upgraded to the tavern and dining and later also run as a restaurant. In the beginning, the restaurant consisted of two rooms on the morning and evening side of the house, which were described as “spacious, bright and healthy …”. Until 1935, the house was largely managed by the Dubler family. It was followed by two tenant families until 1968, then a community of heirs from the family Dubler and other stars-hosts. A new star era began in 1982. This year, the Wirth couple Lüthi Röthlisberger took over the old inn, which has undergone a complete refurbishment with a new floor plan. The barn and the stable were converted into a dining room and a lingerie room. Since 1997, finally, Barbara and Werner Bruggisser-Dubler led the traditional house and completed on 1 March 1998 renamed the “Golden Stars”. The culinary offer of the guest house was described at that time as “home-style to modern-creative kitchen”, in which “naturally” local fish could not be missing on the map. One of the traditions preserved over the years was the so-called “stock exchange”, an evening Stammtisch round. After a brief closure of the house in the spring of 2019, Patrizia Peer and Erik Schröter took over the inn as new operators and hosts. They will be the “Golden Stars” in the ambiance of a mix of Tradition and modernity to a house with regional, natural, healthy and modern kitchen continue.

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Inn "Zum goldenen Sternen"

Hauptstrasse 33
CH-2576 Lüscherz

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