Art to the golden stars

Björn Zryd

Sculptor – painter – designer Workspace Works with wood, stone and paint career

– 1963 Born in Adelboden
– 1979 to 1983 training as a wood sculptor in Brienz
– 1984 sculptor stay in London
– since 1986 He lives and works together with his wife and children in Adelboden
– 2000 to 2011 Gallery «Arte» in Adelboden (showroom in the village) together with Erika Pieren, sculptor and Jürg Gyger, photographer
– since 2011 stable Depot 40 (showroom at the studio)

Bjorn Zryd
Hahnenmoosstrasse 40
3715 Adelboden
phone: 033 673 24 75
Mail: info [at]

Art to the golden stars

Martin Wenger

Born 1958 Painting since 1985 Lives and works in an old factory in Grosshöchstetten. The spacious studio with gallery is located on the 1st floor. Here are the large-format, abstract paintings in acrylic. What was the body at the beginning of his art has evolved over the years. The works are abstracted, reduced to the essentials. The art, how little is possible to create the greatest possible tension and depth, surrounded with much peace, there is the power. Dream worlds with dynamics of light and shadow. Wide horizons, universes that meet one another. Spatula and sand structures support the dimensions. Worlds full of emotions. Harmony and energy. Sculptures, cut raw with the chainsaw. Delicate and strong at the same time, the paintings accompany the third dimension. As if they had always belonged together. They are the inhabitants of these dreamscapes and enter into a dialogue with them. In groups or solitaire, like a member of the family.

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