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“More important than the food pairing
is the person with whom you drink the wine…

Christian Moueix, Dominus Estate (2015)

Of course, a good meal is also part of a good meal. We offer regional and international top wines as well as selected spirits.
For this we work closely with winemakers from the region and the cantons of Grisons, Vaud, Ticino and Valais.

Among the regional top winemakers include u.a. the winery Hämmerli in Ins, the grills Domaine de Cressier in the canton Neuchâtel / Neuchâtel, the winery Frauenkopf in Twann-Tüscherz on Lake Biel, the Johanniter cellar by Martin Hubacher in Twann and the winery Hasler in Alfermée.

In addition, we offer our guests wines from France, Italy and Spain as well as noble distillates from Heinz Dubler and Werner Bruggisser from Lüscherz. Be inspired by this combination of “food and drink” and spend with us unforgettable hours of relaxation and enjoyment.

Winery Frauenkopf

«In the final product wine, the terroir of the vine is reflected in the interaction with nature, the people who do their craft with passion and skill as well as the knowledge and the careful vinification in the cellar.»

From the winter cut to the harvest of the mature grapes, we work together with nature, taking care of the vine and its habitat, thus promoting biodiversity. For this we refrain from the use of herbicides and insecticides.

Even in the basement, we work close to nature and do every important task personally. We work with modern techniques and take into account the latest oenological findings.

We do everything we can to make our wines express their terroir.

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St. John Keller

Martin Hubacher – Michaela Gabriel
It is the drive and goal of Martin Hubacher to get the most out of what soil, climate and grape give off with passion.

Since 1996 he leads the Johannitergut, together with his wife, Michaela Gabriel.

Numerous awards – most recently Martin was named “Berner Winemaker of the Year 2018” – and a considerable media response confirm what connoisseurs have long known:
The Johanniter cellar may count itself among the best addresses of the region.
A successful product is probably always the result of teamwork.

Great know-how and decades of experience in dealing with vines contributes to the tireless and loyal team of employees.

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Winery Hämmerli


The winery Hämmerli is a family business. In the modern wine cellar, about 10 hectares of vines are vinified to grapevines.
The aim is to harvest grapes that are transformed into harmonious, interesting wines with an unmistakable character. Each step is handled with precision and ambition. In the wine cellar, Hämmerlis strictly adhere to a high standard of hygiene. In the vines, it is important to accompany the vegetation and to adapt to the rhythm of nature. The vineyards are kept in ecological balance by natural means.
Only in an ecologically intact vineyard mature healthy grapes.
At every step, the quest for quality comes first. For this, the winery Hämmerli has been rewarded several times at wine awards. In 2017, it became Best National Producer of the Year at the AWC Vienna, the largest officially recognized wine rating in the world. excellent.


Interesting and enjoyable wines are not only created by hard work and durability. It requires passion and patience to accompany the vines in their development. The family has a deep passion for nature and cares about it.
Even more important than the passion for wine and the high quality is the cooperation in the family. Four generations have been involved in the winery.

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